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  1. 2007.12.20 AutoCAD 2008 on 64Bit OS (Vista)

AutoCAD 2008 on 64Bit OS (Vista)

秋 - Tip 2007.12.20 22:29 Posted by 민수아빠™
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How to install on x64:

1. Download and install Orca from Microsoft.

2. Copy the installation files to your hard drive or a network folder.

3. Backup the files acad.msi and Setup.ini

4. Edit the ACA.msi with Orca and delete the action found in the table
"InstallExecuteSequence" that is called "CheckFor64BitOS" Delete the same
line under table "CustomAction"

5. Save and close the acad.msi

6. Edit the Setup.ini with Notepad. Delete the line under
"#==================== Platform Requirement" that is labeled

7. Double-click the Setup.exe and you should be able to install without any problems.

8. Some support paths under the "Files" tab of the configuration dialog box
have incorrect paths. The installer adds and extra "AppDataAppData" to
some support paths located in the user profile. For example the Main
Customization File's path is listed as
2008enuSupportADT" when it should be
"C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingAutodeskACD-A 2008enuSupportADT"
Fix the incorrect paths, hit apply, and you are good to go.